Can I claim deductions if I lost the receipt?

Can I claim deductions if I lost the receipt?

If you spent in cash, no. If you spent through bank or credit card, yes, if you are able to prove the details of the expense.
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    • What are the deductions that I can claim in my tax return?

      Simple answer is, any cost that your incurred to earn your income, and is allowed by taxation laws, you can claim in your tax return.
    • How much can I claim if I have shared expense?

      Your share only.
    • If I worked from home, how much can I claim in my tax return?

      There are various methods ATO have approved. You can choose one method which is easy or beneficial to you. However, for every method, you need to keep the supporting calculation and/or documents. We can have with ready-made templates if you are not ...
    • What is maximum refund form?

      This is an online form which we have engineered with the help of cloud technology. With this form we share our professional expertise with you as a guide. Through this form we guide you to include all relevant information and deductions in your tax ...
    • When do I need to pay?

      For tax return services, you have two options to pay our fee: 1 At the time of signing your tax return (before lodgement), or 2 We can claim from your refund (if your refund is more than our fee and you allow it)