Do I need to maintain accounts for my income?

Do I need to maintain accounts for my income?

No, for all income that is pre-filled by ATO. Yes, for all other income. If you are running a business, you must maintain books of accounts with all the related documents.
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    • Which income do I need to report?

      All. You must include all sources of your income in your tax return as a statutory requirement in Australia. We will guide you if you need further clarification.
    • Will all of my income be pre-filled?

      No. If the person or organization from whom you are receiving your income is not under an obligation to report your income to ATO, then you need to provide that information manually.
    • What documents I need to give you for my tax return?

      It depends upon your individual case. In principle, whatever information you provide to us should be supported by the documents. However, you don't need to provide every document to us, but you must make a declaration that you have the document with ...
    • When do I need to pay?

      For tax return services, you have two options to pay our fee: 1 At the time of signing your tax return (before lodgement), or 2 We can claim from your refund (if your refund is more than our fee and you allow it)
    • What are the deductions that I can claim in my tax return?

      Simple answer is, any cost that your incurred to earn your income, and is allowed by taxation laws, you can claim in your tax return.