How do I give documents to you?

How do I give documents to you?

You have following options:
1 Upload - You will have 3 options: (a) client portal on computer : you can browse and upload documents you keep in your computer (b) client portal on mobile : with our RBizz mobile app, you will be able to take picture of the documents you want to upload (c) email : we have a very unique facility in which you can upload documents without logging on to client portal * * We send a link to your email. with this link you don't need to log-in anywhere. from this link you will be able to access your computer documents and also you can take fresh pictures.
2 You can send the documents by post if you prefer 3 If you have a face to face meeting with us, you can simply show us
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    • What documents I need to give you for my tax return?

      It depends upon your individual case. In principle, whatever information you provide to us should be supported by the documents. However, you don't need to provide every document to us, but you must make a declaration that you have the document with ...
    • How can I upload

      Please see the question about documents.
    • Why do you ask for disclaimers?

      As we prepare the tax return on your behalf based upon the information you provide to us, therefore you will be responsible for the information you give. For any wilful act, you will be legally responsible.
    • Do I need to maintain accounts for my income?

      No, for all income that is pre-filled by ATO. Yes, for all other income. If you are running a business, you must maintain books of accounts with all the related documents.
    • What will be the benefit of using mobile app?

      Easy and fast communication with us. You won't need email, sms or call facilities if you are using our app to communicate with us. You will be able to take pictures to upload documents for your tax return.