What documents I need to give you for my tax return?

What documents I need to give you for my tax return?

It depends upon your individual case. In principle, whatever information you provide to us should be supported by the documents. However, you don't need to provide every document to us, but you must make a declaration that you have the document with you if needed.
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    • How do I give documents to you?

      You have following options: 1 Upload - You will have 3 options: (a) client portal on computer : you can browse and upload documents you keep in your computer (b) client portal on mobile : with our RBizz mobile app, you will be able to take picture of ...
    • Which income do I need to report?

      All. You must include all sources of your income in your tax return as a statutory requirement in Australia. We will guide you if you need further clarification.
    • How long will it take to finalise my tax return?

      It depends upon 3 factors: 1 How complex is your tax return (means the complexity of information needed in your tax return) 2 How soon you can provide all the required information and documents 3 How busy we are As we work with clients and for ...
    • What are the forms you mentioned in the tax return process?

      Form is an organized set of information you need to provide us. With form we take all ambiguity out and you will find the ease and accuracy in giving all the necessary information. Good thing is, we ask you to fill up a very customized form based ...
    • If I worked from home, how much can I claim in my tax return?

      There are various methods ATO have approved. You can choose one method which is easy or beneficial to you. However, for every method, you need to keep the supporting calculation and/or documents. We can have with ready-made templates if you are not ...