What is client portal?

What is client portal?

It simply means that every client can have a private account on our platform. From that private account you will be able to communicate via email, online messages and chat. You will be able to place any service request. Also you will find all the resources that we provide to our clients. For example, you can find all the forms, templates, news and other communication from us. Communication to us from portal account is faster. It is an optional service. You can stay outside client portal and still work with us.
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    • What will be the benefit of using client portal?

      As we said, it is your private account on our portal, you will be able to park all of your documents here and you will be able to control all of our services from here. You can see the status of your communication to us as well.
    • What are the methods of support?

      Email Online contact form FAQ (on our website and within client portal) Guide within documents Tools within client portal Phone Please note our endeavor is to make tax return process very easy. We take care in guiding our clients at every step. You ...
    • How do I give documents to you?

      You have following options: 1 Upload - You will have 3 options: (a) client portal on computer : you can browse and upload documents you keep in your computer (b) client portal on mobile : with our RBizz mobile app, you will be able to take picture of ...
    • What is mobile app?

      We have advanced our services to utilise modern technology so that we can offer our services in an easy, fast, affordable and guaranteed manner. You can install our app on your mobile and can acess services and your client portal from the comfort of ...