Will all of my income be pre-filled?

Will all of my income be pre-filled?

No. If the person or organization from whom you are receiving your income is not under an obligation to report your income to ATO, then you need to provide that information manually.
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    • What is pre-fill and what is my role in pre-fill?

      Pre-fill is an ATO's service to taxpayers. Pre-fill means ATO will fill up your tax return form with all the information it has already got from your employers, government departments, banks, insurance companies and other applicable organizations. ...
    • Do I need to maintain accounts for my income?

      No, for all income that is pre-filled by ATO. Yes, for all other income. If you are running a business, you must maintain books of accounts with all the related documents.
    • Which income do I need to report?

      All. You must include all sources of your income in your tax return as a statutory requirement in Australia. We will guide you if you need further clarification.
    • What will be the benefit of using client portal?

      As we said, it is your private account on our portal, you will be able to park all of your documents here and you will be able to control all of our services from here. You can see the status of your communication to us as well.
    • What will be the benefit of using mobile app?

      Easy and fast communication with us. You won't need email, sms or call facilities if you are using our app to communicate with us. You will be able to take pictures to upload documents for your tax return.